Step 6: Give yourself an energy treatment

If you have training in energetics be consistent in your daily energy routine. Intuition builds cumulatively over time. Whether you have your own practice or not, go to a good energy therapist for a session. By having a practitioner with a different set of skills and abilities clear your energy pathways, you are able to gain insights and perspective not available to you on your own. 

Step 5: Learn to trust your feelings.

     They may manifest through a physical feeling, a hunch, a visual image, sound, memory or an ah-ha moment. Start a list of intuitive insights you have had in the past. This will help you gain confidence and to see your progress over time. Add to this list any and all hunches. Then after some time has elapsed check the accuracy. Remember though that your interpretation of an intuition is based on your past experience, so be open to different interpretations when connecting the dots. For example, you wonder whether you should talk to your boss about a raise. After weighing the pros and cons and making a list of why you deserve a raise, you realize that you still have a nagging voice inside that is holding you back. You have been at the company for six months, although you have learned a lot you have not actually been given any added responsibilities or a supervisory role. Should you listen to your inner voice or forge ahead and speak to your boss? Is that inner voice correct, or do you just doubt yourself? You decide to ask your boss for a review and feel the waters rather than focusing on the raise. As soon as you make this choice, you feel a sense of ‘rightness’ and calm settling over you. This is your inner guidance system signaling that this decision is solid and correct for you at this time.

Step 4: Learn to Listen

Thoughts are noisy and tend to block our inner voice from being heard. This is very obvious the moment we sit down with determination to still our mind, as we do during meditation. Our thoughts seem to demand even more attention! Thinking is normal and human, but there is a wealth of experience in between the thoughts (and emotions). You can access the stillness that resides at your core through an energetic practice such as Reiki, a mindfulness practice, meditation, or connecting with nature. By doing this everyday, even for a few minutes, you will begin to hear your inner voice. It might come as a sound or as a word, or as a gut feeling. You may see an image in your mind's eye. However you receive the message, be open and trust that this is inner wisdom you have asked for.

Step 3: Develop Awareness of Your Life Force Energy

Becoming sensitive to the internal and external energy fields of the body connects us to ourselves in a deep and profound way. This connection supports our awareness of the interrelatedness of body, mind, and spirit which, in turn, builds intuitive capacity. We can build this capacity through meditation, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, reiki, and many related energy techniques. There are so many different methods to use, that I suggest trying many in order to find the one that fits you best.

Step 2: Develop Body Awareness
     The body is an antenna for intuitive information. Start with developing awareness of your physical body. When you sense your intuition kicking in where do you feel it physically? Is it a skin sensation, a muscle pressure, a physical wake-up in part of your body? Many people have a sensation in their gut or their heart center to alert and guide them. At other times, where do you hold tension and when do you feel it most often? By learning to hear what your organs and muscles are telling you, you can tap into your body's innate sensing system.

Step 1: Observe your belief patterns. 
     When and how often do you have a positive attitude toward new information? Try saying ‘YES’ when your inclination is to dismiss. Being open mentally has a profound effect on your physical system; neurochemicals are programmed by your beliefs.
     Energy follows thought. You think about an upcoming test and your stomach clenches. You remember an amazing encounter with a special someone and you feel the glow all over again. But can you think yourself to stronger intuitive abilities? 
     Yes! Intuition is on a deeper level beyond mental processing, but we can develop ways of thinking that will help our intuitive nature shine through. We can make a conscious choice to be open to seeing connections between thoughts and events. Does the same name keep coming up in conversations day after day? Do you just happen to bump into the same person for a few days running? These are things to pay attention to. And Enjoy the Journey!

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