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 "Experiencing Reiki with Paula has truly changed my life. Each session is meaningful and productive; I feel renewed and supported each time. The surprise for me has been in how much growth, both professional and personal, I have experienced with these Reiki sessions as a catalyst. I definitely recommend Paula as an ongoing Reiki practitioner and continued part of your life."
BF 5/2015  

Before I share my experience with Paula and the work she does, I feel it is important to share a little about my story. I grew up in an abusive and unsafe home. This environment caused some damage to the way I engage in my romantic relationships. As I got older I began to realize that my relationships were unhealthy.
I have been on a journey for the past year to work through this specific issue. I’ve been determined to heal old wounds and take better care of myself. I came to Paula to assist me in strengthening myself and to help clear away stagnant energy that is not serving my growth and healing process.
I did not know anything about Reiki when I began seeing Paula and she was very welcoming of any questions I had. She takes the time at each appointment to discuss my concerns and to explain to me the work she has done during the session. The sessions are very relaxing and are a wonderful opportunity to rest in meditation. I really look forward to the appointments I schedule with her.
Paula takes the time to know and understand me as an individual. This is wonderful because it is really important to me to feel like she understands my reasons for receiving Reiki treatment. I have received 6 Reiki treatments in total over the past few months and have noticed a big improvement in my mental and emotional attitude toward myself and toward relationships. I’m generally happier and exhibit better discipline in regards to making choices that serve my health and well-being.
I call this a capacity to make “heart choices” over “mind-driven-ego choices.” In other words, I am developing a better sense of my intuition and am following my heart more.  This is also due to the fact that Paula taught me methods for coping with emotional stress on a day-to-day basis. There are a few little “tricks” for self care I can do when I become anxious or sad and they really help when I find myself in those moments of despair.
That being said, Reiki requires work from yourself and a real desire to heal. Paula will most definitely assist you with the tools you need for doing so. She will provide you with awesome treatment and a compassionate listening ear. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking Reiki treatment.
CH 4/29/15

"Paula is one of the most sincere and authentic teachers I’ve had the pleasure of being mentored under. Her passion for Reiki undoubtedly shines forth from her lectures and communication with students. Paula truly inspires others with her very presence and I’m honored to have met and worked with such a wonderful soul." -SKF 03/14

I definitely felt a significant emotional release.  My mood was overall improved with
more energy after the session. I had also made a conscious effort on Sunday evening to
improve my attitude towards situations and other issues.  Because of the Reiki my
week was one of the best in a long time. 
I found it to be very beneficial emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Sign me up for another treatment! SJ 3/14

I'm writing to spread the joy of Reiki that I experienced from you, Paula. You are so talented! You have healed the aching in my ankles that pained me so much every night so that now I am sleeping like a baby. I know it's really the Reiki doing it, but you are the most loving messenger there could ever be. My hip is better, too. Now if you could just make me 20 years younger, I would be completely satisfied!

Thirty years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident and ever since had chronic pain  from nerve and muscle damage. I was skeptical whether anything could help after so long. Paula did Reiki on it twice weekly for about a month, both hands-on and remotely. She also used crystals and stones. Somehow the pain has gone away. It seems to have just dissolved without my noticing exactly when it wasn't there anymore. This is so amazing to me and I can't thank Paula enough for opening my eyes to the physical benefits and spiritual awareness of Reiki. I have now taken the first level so that I can work on myself whenever I need to. Thank You!!

now i don't mean to seem dramatic, but to say that my life changed when i discovered reiki would not be an overstatement.  and i suppose an experience that changes or shifts one's 'being' is dramatic.  most certainly, it is profound and hard to explain in words.

i first discovered reiki through paula.  i came to her after a year and a half of amenorrhea, severe abdominal pain and swelling, dysfunctional digestion and bowels, and a compromised quality of life.  after months of tests and various treatments from western medical doctors, i had no answers and constant pain.  it was time to try something new and i just happened to find out that paula had started offering reiki. 

i recall the feeling i had as i left my first treatment with paula.  quite simply, i felt light.  my body and mind were silent and the top of my head felt wide open.  some inexplicable, guiding energy must have been at my back on that first walk home, for i felt as if i were floating far above the ground around me.  

that day marked the beginning of a journey toward a life teeming with health, personal strength, and love.  and ever since, pathways to other healing aspects seemed to present themselves along my path in an almost uncanny way.  my experience with reiki from paula evolved from intensely affecting sessions, to sustained peace, centeredness, and clarity on a day-to-day basis.  when difficulties or pain did come up, i felt far more able to cope.  

i do believe paula's hands are destined for healing and creativity.  her incredibly authentic way...  of caring and sharing, listening and validating...  make her that much more of a wise and effective practitioner, teacher, and friend.  my time with her inspired me to pursue the study and practice of reiki and i now have access to my own healing power.  i treat myself and my growing baby everyday, and my husband, golden retriever, and houseplants whenever i can.

no words can capture my gratitude and depth of experience.  if a still, small voice inside you is asking for... or even just wondering about reiki, give it a listen.  it could change your life too.   
PK 2/13

Paula's Reiki offers peace of mind, healing for the body, and a chance to center yourself. I have left Reiki sessions with Paula feeling like I was encased in a suit of psychic armor.
     Reiki is a difficult thing to describe.  Somewhere between prayer like laying hands and cosmic energy work, Paula manages to soothe the body and calm the mind.  I highly recommend her, and can only say you have to try it for yourself.

Reiki is a true experience.  It’s like meditation, massage, and healing all rolled together.  I have been visiting Paula for Reiki treatments every other week over the past few months.  After each visit, I always feel centered, calmed, and energized, but each treatment feels unique.  Sometimes I feel a powerful energy passing through me.  Sometimes my mind wanders off and it’s as if I disappear for a certain amount of time.  Sometimes I simply feel calm.   
When she touches my heart it feels like her hands are sinking through dough and there's a comforting heaviness on my chest similar to a bunch of heavy blankets.  My wrist has been hurting and it seems like extra 'energy' goes there when she touches my arm. 
It’s truly a positive experience.

I feel AWESOME. That was amazing. You are gifted. No more headache, WOOHOO!

 Thanks for fixing my shoulder! It was a 'side-effect' of the Reiki treatment. I hurt it in an accident several years ago and have had very limited movement ever since. I couldn't believe it when I reached up and was able to move easily and pain-free. I can't thank you and the Reiki energy enough.

A recent Reiki session with Paula was a great help to me in moving forward through a tangled legal and emotional matter involving family. Midway through the session Paula asked if I wanted to focus on a specific matter, rather than general issues. I said that I wanted a clear and definite resolution to this matter and then settled back into the calm, floating sensation that I experience with Reiki.
A letter began to be composed and by the end of the session was complete. This direct, kind, concise communication was a pivotal piece for me. It completed my understanding of what I needed to do and how to go about it; clearing the way for me to proceed. 
I am so thankful that Paula and Reiki were part of my life at this time to provide me with such great assistance.

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