Face-to-Face Distance Treatments

The only down-side to a distance treatment has always been that we cannot interact while I'm working on you. Those days are over!
We can now be connected via our computer or phone screens so that no matter how far away you are from Fort Collins, you will receive all the benefits of a hands-on session. The 'strength' of a distance treatment is the same as an in-person one.

Why might you prefer a distance treatment?

> you just had surgery and are not mobile
> you live far away
> you are not feeling well and need to stay home (thank you!)
> the weather is not conducive to traveling
> it's just makes sense for you

How it works: It's simple. I will send you a link ahead of time and then at the time of your appointment you click it, sign-in to Zoom, and we're connected. If you make an account ahead of time you can skip that step the first time.

Please contact me with your questions!

Tap Your Way to Better Quality Sleep

My clients love to learn techniques they can use at home. It helps to have a toolbox that includes ways to strengthen your energy field, ground yourself, or reduce stress at the very moment you need it.

I've recently finished my certification in Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, also known as Tapping. You may have seen past posts here in 2015 about using this super effective method for re-patterning our emotional responses to triggers. 

Now, if you are like a lot of people, you have bouts of insomnia and find yourself laying awake at night staring into the darkness. Your mind may be a rollercoaster or you might experience a repetitive worry loop, "Why did he react that way when I said his dog looked a lot like him?"

Next time you're in this situation, tap the outside edge of your palm, the karate chop side, with the fingertips of your other hand. You can stay with the same hand or switch.

State the problem while you tap:                                           
P. Harrison, 2016

  • I'm awake or I'm lying in bed fully alert. 
  • I'm worrying again.
  • I'll be tired tomorrow.
  • This is boring!
  • I just can't relax or I don't know why I can't relax.
You should find yourself relaxing and drifting into sleep before long. Use your own words and be as honest as possible. Stay focused on the sleep issue. It is tempting to go off on a tangent and that will simply keep you awake longer!

You are activating meridians on the side of your hand that help to take the edge off and ease stress. This is a basic technique that can be used for any kind of agitation. If you find that this does not help you at all, then you will want to address the underlying causes of your sleeplessness. I'd be happy to help you in person if you're in the Fort Collins area or by phone.

Contact me at paula@reikiarts.net and we can get started!

Learn Reiki with Your Friends!

There's a new class format at Reiki Arts that will make attending classes easier and more convenient.  If you and some friends are interested in a Reiki class, ( Level I, II, or III ), simply email me at paula @reikiarts.net. We will set up a convenient time and place. If you are hosting, you get a 50% discount. If you're on your own, I will add you to the next available upcoming class. Easy-peasy!

Unconditional Love Amidst Global Unrest. Yes, You Can!

Often I come across amazing articles from other energy practitioners or spiritually oriented authors or organizations that really speak to me. I especially like those that give practical steps for accomplishing the goal. This article from heartmath.org is sensitive, informative, and timely. Enjoy!

Heart Qualities 

For Re-Setting Our Lives

Increasing numbers of people are commenting about a heightened attunement in their hearts and minds, to the need for increasing their care, kindness and willingness to co-create peacefully. People are feeling that the timing for heart-based cooperation is in alignment with the changes Earth and humanity are experiencing. Many of us believe that the global waves of chaos and tension can be repurposed into expanding our collective awareness of the need for unconditional love to help resolve our differences.
Spiritual practices that explore the deeper benefits of unconditional love and compassion are increasing. There is also a rising interest in learning to connect more with our heart’s intuitive wisdom for higher choices and guidance. This is a giant step forward. Along with a little practice, people are finding it easier to sense their heart’s intelligent suggestions for navigating life’s situations with clearer discernment and much less stress.

The Increasing Collective Heart Awakening

Many are commenting that in the last few months, they have noticed themselves feeling kinder and much more accepting of others than usual. From different parts of the world people report they are feeling less desire to hold onto old hurts and distresses from the past. These and more are positive symptoms of the collective heart awakening to the need to get along with each other for the greater good – regardless of the ongoing resistances and separations taking place on the planet.
This growing momentum of increased heart awakening, many believe, will eventually become the baseline for a paradigm shift from separation to compassion and cooperation. It feels like an obvious time in our evolution to be kinder and more openhearted to each other, while working together to find solutions for global challenges to create a thriving world. Many of us feel that living from our heart is the "overlooked" yet most practical approach for increasing individual and global peace, being that we’ve tried most everything else already. The world picture may not reflect these possibilities in the present moment, but more people are sensing that it can be done.
Practicing kindness, unconditional love and heart-based interactions can increase our personal joy and fulfillment now, in the present, however long it takes for the whole of humanity to shift. Practicing heart qualities assists humanity by creating a supportive energy field that makes it easier for others to feel and respond from their heart. Some of the primary heart qualities are unconditional love, care, compassion, connection, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, patience, acceptance, cooperation and many more we all know, yet they often slip from our awareness when needed the most. We own these heart qualities but it’s our job to awaken them and begin to show up as who we are.
Below are a few reliable practices for lifting your spiritual vibration and opening your heart more to others. Many of you are probably familiar with these exercises, but for these heart qualities to become instated, we have to remember to consciously re-boot these practices for a while. Rebooting is fundamentally important for establishing a new baseline.

Practicing Heart Qualities

  • Commit to three or four days of looking for opportunities to practice genuine kindness to others, and sincerely connect with people, including some that you don’t usually connect with.
  • During these days, also find a few minutes of quiet time to radiate genuine compassion to people suffering across the planet. Remember to radiate compassion to yourself when needed and don’t see it as selfish – see it as an intelligent choice.
  • Next, consciously radiate genuine appreciation to friends, family, work associates, etc. Sometimes we adapt to and take for granted the people close to us and we forget to feel just how much we do appreciate them.
  • Also, forgiving someone and releasing old hurt feelings can do wonders for lifting our vibration and taking a load off. This releases stuck energy in our heart, and helps to heal things we can see and things we cannot.
You can do these same exercises with other heart qualities, like patience, connection, acceptance, cooperation, and more. Genuine is the action word in all of these practices if you want to experience the deeper benefits.
Doing the practices a few days in a row creates a cumulative effect that encourages the increased use of these empowering qualities. If you go most of a day without practicing, then add on another day so as to dignify your commitment.
People report life changes in their interactions, and share how much they feel like their true self when doing these practices. Even if we already practice heart-based attitudes, it’s helpful to add a day or two each month of conscious exercises to refresh and strengthen our forward momentum.
Practicing the qualities of the heart can be viewed as advanced common sense, and it doesn’t require being religious or on any particular path – however this practice is included in many religions, cultures, self-help, self-care and other systems.
We appreciate you deeply and hope you experience happiness and wellbeing through 2017. Let’s remember to hold compassion in our hearts for the hardships people are experiencing through these transitional times. Much suffering across the planet can be reduced when more of humanity deeply understands that, Love matters.

Written by, Sara Childre, Pres. of HeartMath Institute and Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder

Your New Energy Practice for a New Year

Happy New Year and a New You! 
Let's start with Two Basic Truths About Energy

Energy Truth #1
Positive thoughts are positive energy. Positive thinking and action creates a sense of ease because positivity is a higher vibration; there is no residual negative emotion pulling you down. Over a short time, this ease creates personal strength and empowerment within. Positive energy works better than negative in every case to help navigate through the world. 

Energy Truth #2
You are in charge of your own healing and power
What feeds your spirit, feeds your body.
We have the ability to choose health and happiness, but we give our power away for a myriad of reasons: feelings of duty, loyalty to others, fear of change. To create healing, we have to take action, positive action. Doing the thing, changing the thoughts and attitudes about ourselves or about others. We need to draw on our inner resources, connect to our strengths and weaknesses and make change where needed.

Now the Good Stuff! 
How to build your inner energy resources to harness these Energy Truths in your daily life.

Let's say you've tried over and over again to have a meditation practice and it hasn't gone well. There are endless reasons (excuses, justifications) that keep you from making time for being alone with yourself and your thoughts, just being

We will not use the m-word here. This is not that. 
Your new practice is an energy awareness time. A time to connect with the high vibration, the spirit energy, that resides within. You can feel it! No need to focus on letting it in, it's already there. (This point is actually another Energy Truth and for some can be a key to creating your energy connection!) Trying to keep your mind thought-free only creates a wall. No mental effort is needed and will actually make it harder to make an energy connection.

Is this done like a seated meditation? 
It can be, especially for the five or more minutes per day practice.  It can look like an action meditation too, such as gardening, making art, or walking. Connecting to your innate high vibration happens spontaneously, too. Have you ever suddenly felt a rush of genuine love for all of life, even while driving or washing the dishes? In my experience, it happens when I'm otherwise engaged. My left brain is busy with a task, freeing up my right brain for this holistic experience. This is spirit awakening and can happen anytime, anywhere when you are in a state of allowing. And then, when you are in this timeless moment, notice it and then step away without analyzing what you are feeling in order to fully experience it.

Every time you experience the energy connection, you are building your resources for positivity and health. However brief your initial experience, each connection strengthens your energy grid, making positive thought and action more accessible in daily life situations - Positive Thoughts are Positive Energy. And the more you intentionally raise your energy vibration, the more open the energy flow becomes. Finally, each time you respond from a place of high vibration, a place of compassion and mindful engagement, you reinforce your energy grid. It's a positive high vibration energy loop. And don't forget to give yourself credit! This is another way to build appreciation and love for yourself.

Try these practices to bring the flow of happiness and love into your life more consistently:
  • Connect to your energy grid with intention every day. Do you need a special place or time? No, but it will help you to be consistent if you do.
  • Start with a 5-minute energy practice daily and gradually build it up to 20-30 minutes. If this is new for you don't do more than 5 minutes to start in order to avoid burn-out. 
  • Feel the physical sensation of energy moving and flowing within. Don't push it. Allow.
  • When thoughts arise, step back and see them as thoughts. You can think them later. If it helps, notice your breathing in order to stay grounded.
  • Experience the connection to spirit, it's there waiting for you.
  • Don't give up on yourself. You are bigger than you know.

Wishing you a year filled with love, light, and peace!

Does Your Mother Give You a Pain in Your Neck?

The short answer is no. You give it to yourself and your mother is the catalyst to help you work through your issues. Thanks, mom! Really.

Clients often come to see me with either a physical or emotional issue they would like to resolve. Sometimes they know that their neck pain, for example, has an emotional counterpart especially if there is a specific time or event that precipitated it, such as a divorce, or a death in the family. More often it takes an energy session or two to peel back the layers, making it possible for the client to recognize previously hidden mind/body connections. For instance, severe stomach pain linked to a dysfunctional relationship in the past or an unrecognized fear of abandonment linked to chronic shoulder pain. Conscious recognition of the physical-emotional connection, with support from energetic clearing, helps create lasting change.

It can seem miraculous, but that’s how energy alignment works. Energy therapy clears blockages so we can recognize and correct the energetic disruptions that underlie emotional and physical discomfort.

Examples of the emotional conditions that energy therapy can help improve.

∞ Complex feelings within relationships

∞ Fear, anxiety, stress

∞ Low self esteem

∞ Grief, sadness

∞ Anger, resentment

∞ Worry, depression, guilt

∞ Self-limiting values

The pain in your neck could be related to your maternal relationship, but don’t blame your mother!

Level I Reiki Class Just Added!!

A couple of people have contacted me asking about the next class, so I've added one for June! Registration is now on for the June 11&12 Level I Reiki class! All it takes to set up a class is a few interested people, so if you and some friends would like to set a date to learn Reiki Levels I, II or III just contact me! Learning Reiki expands your mind-body-spirit connection and gives you practical techniques for maintaining your health. Additional dates are posted at http://www.reikiarts.org/p/class-registration.html.

Face-to-Face Distance Treatments The only down-side to a distance treatment has always been that we cannot interact while I'm workin...