Healing Takes Place During the Pause

The Covid19 upheaval has offered all of us an opportunity to pause, whether we are ready or not. It has taken me a few weeks to respond publicly to the pandemic because I knew I needed time to process. 

I've been going through many of the stages others are experiencing: denial, frustration, righteous indignation, and anxiety. I've emerged into the light of acceptance and even a kind of embracing of the dark. Within this darkness my spirit is light, I feel upbeat and hopeful for the future.

I'm not in deep denial. Rather, I have allowed myself time to grieve for the weaknesses and lack of love this pandemic has revealed about how we treat each other and our Mother Earth. We can only change once we identify that there is a problem and that process unfolds differently for each of us. I have come to understand that this worldwide virus is a symptom of our disregard for the way we should be living on this planet. We have been taking indiscriminately and with an eye to amassing wealth and so-called security. There is a balance, but we have ignored it. The message I have received is that we need to Do and Be differently. If ever there was a call to action, this is it. 

Healing happens during the pause at the end of each breath. Now we find ourselves in the midst of a global hiatus, the healing pause. We are being told that the action we need to take starts in stillness. My hope is that we will each emerge from this experience authentically changed in our ideas about our fundamental needs and values. That we will possess a deeper commitment to the connection between the world's people and our Mother, the Earth. 

There is never a wrong time to start at the beginning, or, it is always the right time to begin with a good intention. We have always had the opportunity to be our authentic selves while engaging in nature- this is an opportunity, no one is going to bother you from any closer than six feet away, and probably not even that close! Choose a tree and invite it into your heart. Feel the patch of ground beneath you and thank it. Ask what you need to know relating to the pandemic. Be open for an answer, especially one you never saw coming. 

If you want to, respond to this post or email me about your experience. We can keep this discussion going if it seems right. 

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