Gathering of Eagles Elder, John Palmer's, Vision

When I received this email I asked John whether he would agree to let me share it. It is with great gratitude that I am able to offer this soul-level information! If this speaks to you, you have permission to share in the spirit it is given. 
Vision in Ceremony 17th March 2020
In my spiritual practice I work with guiding spirits from the spirit world. In my 25 years of doing this I have had 3 visions/communications that really stood out, both in their clarity and impact and truth.
The first one saved me from death, the 2nd changed my life and this 3rd one, I was urged to share with you.
Covid – 19 virus
I asked my guides for some clarity and deeper understanding of the virus pandemic spreading across the globe at this time. I made this request as I laid down in bed for the night. This is what followed as I closed my eyes.
The Grandfather of the East came to me and gave me understanding in a non verbal communication that is not of this mortal world, but delivered with intense clarity.
His long hair flowed in the breeze signifying his representation as the Element of Air.
He communicated this;
“Love this virus, he is a Divine Messenger. It comes to you as a messenger from the Tree people, your closest relatives. They are your closest relatives because without trees, you cannot live. The basic requirement for a human to live is oxygen “breath of life” The trees give us that.
Herein lies the message of our relative the virus. You are destroying the lungs of the planet and in doing so you have manifested the destruction of your own lungs, through this virus.
Your own unconscious state of mind has created this virus. All viruses are messengers telling us that we are doing something destructive to our environment. We are polluting our Mother the Earth.
It is one of the 7 Universal Laws of Creation. “As above, so below” or “Whatever you do to the macrocosm (the planet) so it is with the microcosm (the human) (Study the teachings of Hermes/Thoth regarding the 7 laws and if you understand them, really understand them, then you will know the secrets of the Universe)
The whole reality we have created on this planet is an illusion. Man is incapable of creating anything of true power. When something so small you cannot see with the naked eye brings the whole planet to it’s knees in a few weeks, it shows we cannot create anything that is real.
It is time for humans to realise we are only part of nature, not above it. We are subject to the Laws of Creation just like the rest of our relatives, the trees, animals, insects, birds, everything.
Now is not the time to gather in groups. Now is the time to go out in Nature by yourself. Sit with a tree and listen, really listen. Not with your head, but with your heart. Re-establish your lost connection.
I was then led to a doorway. There was no sign on the doorway, but I knew it was a portal into the next age, the Age of Aquarius. There were 2 sentinels guarding that doorway. They said, “Nobody is coming through this doorway until you understand the abuses you have created on this planet. There is not much time left for you. Your true Mother, the Earth is readying herself to pass through this portal, with or without you.”
This is the fork in the road of the Hopi prophecy.
Do not despair for the ones that are losing their lives as a result of this virus. Know that those souls willingly agreed to leave at this time to reinforce the message to the rest of us that we are all connected,(the virus clearly shows us our connection) and if we don’t work in harmony with the Creation we are part of, then we create upheaval in the rest of Creation.
You cannot be part of something and behave as if you are separate. This is what creates ‘dis-ease”
What if the virus was Love, let us infect everyone with that and see how your world looks then.
Mitakuye Oyasin

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