Face-to-Face Distance Treatments
Covid 19 Update
The need for staying balanced and upbeat is greater than ever at this time. In response, I'm offering 30 minute tune-ups via phone or Zoom for $30. My schedule is very flexible!

The only down-side to a distance treatment has always been that we cannot interact while I'm working on you. Those days are over!
We can now be connected via our computer or phone screens so that no matter how far away you are from Fort Collins, you will receive all the benefits of a hands-on session. The 'strength' of a distance treatment is the same as an in-person one.

Why might you prefer a distance treatment?

> you just had surgery and are not mobile
> you live far away
> you are not feeling well and need to stay home (thank you!)
> the weather is not conducive to traveling
> it's just makes sense for you

How it works: It's simple. Download the app onto your device. I will send you a link ahead of time and then at the time of your appointment you click it, enter the password, and we're connected. 

Please contact me with your questions or to schedule!

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