Tap Your Way to Better Quality Sleep

My clients love to learn techniques they can use at home. It helps to have a toolbox that includes ways to strengthen your energy field, ground yourself, or reduce stress at the very moment you need it.

I've recently finished my certification in Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, also known as Tapping. You may have seen past posts here in 2015 about using this super effective method for re-patterning our emotional responses to triggers. 

Now, if you are like a lot of people, you have bouts of insomnia and find yourself laying awake at night staring into the darkness. Your mind may be a rollercoaster or you might experience a repetitive worry loop, "Why did he react that way when I said his dog looked a lot like him?"

Next time you're in this situation, tap the outside edge of your palm, the karate chop side, with the fingertips of your other hand. You can stay with the same hand or switch.

State the problem while you tap:                                           
P. Harrison, 2016

  • I'm awake or I'm lying in bed fully alert. 
  • I'm worrying again.
  • I'll be tired tomorrow.
  • This is boring!
  • I just can't relax or I don't know why I can't relax.
You should find yourself relaxing and drifting into sleep before long. Use your own words and be as honest as possible. Stay focused on the sleep issue. It is tempting to go off on a tangent and that will simply keep you awake longer!

You are activating meridians on the side of your hand that help to take the edge off and ease stress. This is a basic technique that can be used for any kind of agitation. If you find that this does not help you at all, then you will want to address the underlying causes of your sleeplessness. I'd be happy to help you in person if you're in the Fort Collins area or by phone.

Contact me at paula@reikiarts.net and we can get started!

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