Give thanks for the people in your life and you balance mind and heart.

Heart and mind are intrinsically connected, and it’s good for us to keep that connection clear. One way to do that is to open your heart center by making it a habit to send love to those around you. It sounds simple and it is, and it is also extremely powerful. Open your heart and your mind will follow!

The energetic vibration of the heart is at the core of our relationships with others. When we speak sincerely, we speak from the heart. When we feel pain for someone else, we feel it in our heart. When we feel joy, yes, we feel our heart well up.

Start your day off right, even before you get out of bed, by giving thanks for the people around you. Call it a blessing or call it a prayer, whatever you call it, it is important for them and for yourself that you share your love. You balance the vibration of your heart energy center, or chakra, when you connect with love to others. And when your heart is open and balanced, your mind is at ease. You can’t feel lonely, angry, or any of those ego-based poor me feelings when you are filled with love!

 Even if you’re not feeling especially thankful or loving, doing it will make you feel good, and more loving, and then you have that to be thankful for! It grows and grows. Don’t wait til you’re in the mood. Send love to others and you will feel the love yourself, instantly. Try it!

In case there are any doubters out there, here are even more benefits:
Raising the vibration of everyone around you and on out into the world around you, like the ripples on a pond.
Law of attraction- When you are happy, you attract happiness!
For Reiki practitioners, this is great when added to your self-treatment.
Lastly, it helps you to stay more mentally centered all day. Your heart is happy and that helps your brain!

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