Energy Forward! A New Workshop!

Embrace Your Creative and Energetic Process for Change

     Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the changes you want to make in yourself, or by events demanding that you step up? We can be left feeling adrift about how to respond when internal and external pressures push us outside our comfort zone.
I've been guided to design a new workshop that creatively addresses these issues. It focuses on using gentle movement, art-making, and breath-work to bring us to a higher level when responding to change and transitions in daily life. It's a mini-retreat for the mind, body, and spirit! 

                         When: Friday, January 23, 6:30-8pm 
                         and Saturday, January 24, 9:30-12:30
                                     Sliding Scale $45.-$65.
                    Register here:

What kind of change?
     We all experience shifts in relationships, life-paths, spiritual consciousness and self-understanding. These times can be a real struggle even when we have the best intentions. Sometimes we have to find a balance between our own needs and those of others. We may end up feeling stuck, or confused about how to proceed.  When we fall back onto the same old methods for problem solving, it’s difficult to feel truly satisfied with the results. The techniques we will use in this workshop work by tapping into a variety of modalities to activate the whole brain and all levels of being: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

How does it work?
    Breath, movement, and personal imagery engage and stimulate our brain, aid our self-awareness, and our imagination. It's like a breath of fresh air for the soul that brings mental clarity for problem-solving and inspiration for self-renewal. We will learn methods to nurture our inner creative and energetic body to build resiliency when working through transitions in life. 

Why art-making?
     Put a piece of white paper, some clay, or some other art materials in front of you and what usually happens? Do you instantly freeze up? This freeze response happens all the time when we're faced with situations that are outside our comfort zone. 
     What if we had a method to get 'in the zone'? To easily access our innate ability for intuitive learning? To break through long-held beliefs about ourselves, our relation to others, and the world? 
When we make art we integrate the two brain hemispheres in a different way than in daily life. This results in brand new combinations and connections of ideas. In my art classes I've seen people gain insights about themselves that would not have been possible by other means. That's because they are using a non-verbal language, freeing up unexpressed thoughts and emotions. These are the "ah-ha" moments!
     In the supportive atmosphere of this workshop, we will utilize personal imagery to explore our individual journey through changes happening now. Color, shape, and imagery will help us get in touch with the range of possibilities open to us for insight and growth about our process. 

We cannot live by art alone! ....well, maybe some can.....
     We will also mix it up! Our breath is what links us to life within ourselves and with the universe around us in a very tangible way. Breath techniques that we can use throughout the day raise our Qi/Ki/Chi, (life force energy), providing us with a dynamic and sustainable source of personal power.
     Gentle movement, such as Qi Gong, aids in activating our life force as well.  Engaging our breath, movement, and creative process help unblock and balance mind, body, and spirit. It's fun and empowering!

Go to the class registration page to register:

Where: Thrive Wellness, 383 W. Drake Rd, Suite 201 
             Fort Collins, CO 80526
When:  Friday, January 23, 6:30-8pm and 
            Saturday, January 24, 9:30-12:30


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