These Themes Came Up in Reiki Level I class

Thinking back on our Level One Reiki, Shoden, class this past weekend, I realized that we covered so many topics that are fundamental to understanding the big questions: who are we, what is our purpose, how do we gain access to Higher Consciousness?
Reiki is a way to manifest healing in self and others. It is also a path to discovery of our ultimate life purpose and power. Here are some of those topics:

  • The role mental focus or attention plays in gaining the ability to be in the present. 
  • How being in the present helps us feel sincere gratitude.
  • Love is the guiding principle of the multiverse. Light is another form of Love.
  • Everything is connected and we build our experience of that Oneness through meditation and self-treatment.
  • Humans are a fundamental link in the manifesting process of Source Energy.
  • Everything is Energy. Intention is everything. Intention is Energy.
  • Our intention is very powerful.

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