New Year Affirmations Support Your Goals!

Make a daily affirmation your resolution for the coming year. Affirmations move positive energy within body and mind, supporting your intentions and setting you up for positive results! Choose one from the list below, or create your own.

How to: Affirmations are best when in the present tense          Upcoming Level I
 and specific. When you repeat your affirmation to yourself      Reiki weekend
notice how you feel. Do you feel comfortable and confident?    January 9 and 10
If saying your affirmation feels dishonest, take a moment to
reflect on your true feelings. For example, “I am perfect in every way” will most likely not ring true, but “I forgive my shortcomings” or “I trust my good intentions” might touch your core beliefs more fully. Mindfully repeat your affirmation anytime you can fully engage with the energy of it, such as in front of the mirror in the morning or at the end of your meditation.

The three offered here are well suited for new beginnings and fresh starts. They correspond to the central meridian, the heart and the lower hara. These energy intersections in turn govern thought patterns, self worth, and creative action. Using your hands while you repeat your affirmation several times helps to ground your intention even more fully. 
Thought patterns- Place your palms, pinkies touching, over your face with fingertips at your hairline. Say aloud or silently several 
times, “I follow through with what I set out to do”
or “I am flexible during changing circumstances”. 

Self worth- Place your overlapping palms at heart center. Say aloud or silently several times, “I am enough” or “ I am grateful for who I am/how I am”.

Creative action/Decisiveness- Place overlapping palms so that thumbs are below your navel.  Say aloud or silently several times, “ I love being alive” or “ I am motivated by challenges”.                                            

                    Best Wishes for 
              a Wonderful Start to 
                 Your New Year!!


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