Coping with Senseless Tragedy

     Events such as the horrific shootings yesterday in Paris, fill us with a range of emotion- fear, helplessness, anger, worry. In order to comprehend events such as these, we can always turn to the peace, calm, and compassion found at heart center. Nurturing our heart energy gives us the mental perspective that together help us deal with the overwhelming and confused emotions of senseless tragedy. By cultivating the love found at our core, we are much better able to help ourselves cope with senseless tragedies such as these. As importantly, we are empowered to be more effective in helping those around us by supporting them with love and light.
Here are several energetic and tapping practices that will help bring clarity and peace during times of senseless tragedy. Use the ones that seem best for you right now and anytime you begin to feel the distress of being out of balance. Feel free to send to friends, family or anyone that you feel needs help dealing.

Making the Heart Connection-  link heart energy to heaven and earth energy. Done daily, this practice will strengthen your central core energy.

One palm over the heart and the other over the forehead. Hold for ten breath cycles. Then move the forehead hand so that index finger is three finger widths below navel. This is the hara, earth center. Keep heart hand in place. Hold for ten breath cycles.

Crown Stretch- releases stagnant mental energy, the build-up of which creates the feeling of being overwhelmed. Once this is released, you are more open to spiritual inspiration. Calms the nervous system, aids mental clarity.

Place fingertips on forehead so that pinkie is at eyebrows and index is at hairline. Fingertips are parallel to each other. With gentle pressure, press and pull fingers apart out to your temples as you stretch the skin. Repeat.
Move fingertips so that pinkie finger is where index was at hairline. Press and pull apart over to the side of the head. Repeat and continue along centerline of skull and all the way down the back of your neck.
Finish by letting your hands rest on your shoulders for a couple of breath cycles.

This is an EFT tapping technique which uses meridian pressure points combined with affirmations to move energy.
KC- Karate Chop point located on outside edge of palm in the middle.
EB- Inside end of eyebrow
SE-Outside corner of eye
UE-Center point below bottom eyelid
UN-Under center of nose
CH- Center of chin
CB- inside edge of collarbone
UA- place palm on your side.under opposite armpit. Where your pinkie ends up is UA.

Tapping Script for Senseless Tragedy
KC: Even though I don't understand this senseless tragedy
KC: Even though I can't believe people would do such a thing
KC: Even though I can't believe this is happening
KC: I deeply and completely accept myself
EB: I can't imagine the things that happen in the world
SE: I can't believe we live in a world in which such things are a possible
UE: Why would anyone do such a thing?
UN: It doesn't make any sense
CH: It doesn't make sense to hurt other people
CB: It doesn't make sense to cause such suffering
UA: It doesn't make sense to cause such violence
KC: And even though all this violence and suffering makes no sense
KC: I deeply and completely accept myself
[Repeat while taking three deep breaths and tapping the KC point]

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