Fall 2015/6 Class Schedule

Beginner and advanced Reiki classes and workshops
Reiki Levels I, II & III, advanced teacher training, and private classes 
provided by Paula Harrison, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.
Offices at 109 W. Olive St, Fort Collins, CO 80521

Reiki Arts classes provide a solid foundation of knowledge.

  • how energy works to strengthen or deplete your bio-field.
  • connections between energy and emotion.
  • concepts Reiki shares with other energy systems.
  • chakras, dantien, and the body's major energy centers.  

Class details at http://www.reikiarts.org/p/classes.html

You learn time-tested techniques to create strong connections to your innate abilities and gain energy awareness.

  • grounding and strengthening your bio-field.
  • muscle testing and working with inner guidance.
  • practice and practical uses for the symbols.
  • advanced methods for working within the human energy grid.

Registration: http://www.reikiarts.org/p/class-registration.html
Class details at http://www.reikiarts.org/p/classes.html

Upcoming Workshop: Muscle Testing 101, Sat. Sept 19 12:30- 3:00.
Workshop information at http://www.reikiarts.org/p/workshops.html

Fall/Winter 2015/16 Class Dates
All classes are held on weekends, 10am to 6pm.

Shoden, Level I                  October     17&18
$175.00                              November  21&22
                                           December 12&13
Okuden, Level II                 September 12&13                 
$225.00                              November   14&15 
                                           December 5&6                                            
Shinpiden, Level III             September 26&27        
Master, $250.00                  November  7&8                                                                                                                               January  9&10

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