Does Your Mother Give You a Pain in Your Neck?

The short answer is no. You give it to yourself and your mother is the catalyst to help you work through your issues. Thanks, mom! Really.

Clients often come to see me with either a physical or emotional issue they would like to resolve. Sometimes they know that their neck pain, for example, has an emotional counterpart especially if there is a specific time or event that precipitated it, such as a divorce, or a death in the family. More often it takes an energy session or two to peel back the layers, making it possible for the client to recognize previously hidden mind/body connections. For instance, severe stomach pain linked to a dysfunctional relationship in the past or an unrecognized fear of abandonment linked to chronic shoulder pain. Conscious recognition of the physical-emotional connection, with support from energetic clearing, helps create lasting change.

It can seem miraculous, but that’s how energy alignment works. Energy therapy clears blockages so we can recognize and correct the energetic disruptions that underlie emotional and physical discomfort.

Examples of the emotional conditions that energy therapy can help improve.

∞ Complex feelings within relationships

∞ Fear, anxiety, stress

∞ Low self esteem

∞ Grief, sadness

∞ Anger, resentment

∞ Worry, depression, guilt

∞ Self-limiting values

The pain in your neck could be related to your maternal relationship, but don’t blame your mother!

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