Your New Energy Practice for a New Year

Happy New Year and a New You! 
Let's start with Two Basic Truths About Energy

Energy Truth #1
Positive thoughts are positive energy. Positive thinking and action creates a sense of ease because positivity is a higher vibration; there is no residual negative emotion pulling you down. Over a short time, this ease creates personal strength and empowerment within. Positive energy works better than negative in every case to help navigate through the world. 

Energy Truth #2
You are in charge of your own healing and power
What feeds your spirit, feeds your body.
We have the ability to choose health and happiness, but we give our power away for a myriad of reasons: feelings of duty, loyalty to others, fear of change. To create healing, we have to take action, positive action. Doing the thing, changing the thoughts and attitudes about ourselves or about others. We need to draw on our inner resources, connect to our strengths and weaknesses and make change where needed.

Now the Good Stuff! 
How to build your inner energy resources to harness these Energy Truths in your daily life.

Let's say you've tried over and over again to have a meditation practice and it hasn't gone well. There are endless reasons (excuses, justifications) that keep you from making time for being alone with yourself and your thoughts, just being

We will not use the m-word here. This is not that. 
Your new practice is an energy awareness time. A time to connect with the high vibration, the spirit energy, that resides within. You can feel it! No need to focus on letting it in, it's already there. (This point is actually another Energy Truth and for some can be a key to creating your energy connection!) Trying to keep your mind thought-free only creates a wall. No mental effort is needed and will actually make it harder to make an energy connection.

Is this done like a seated meditation? 
It can be, especially for the five or more minutes per day practice.  It can look like an action meditation too, such as gardening, making art, or walking. Connecting to your innate high vibration happens spontaneously, too. Have you ever suddenly felt a rush of genuine love for all of life, even while driving or washing the dishes? In my experience, it happens when I'm otherwise engaged. My left brain is busy with a task, freeing up my right brain for this holistic experience. This is spirit awakening and can happen anytime, anywhere when you are in a state of allowing. And then, when you are in this timeless moment, notice it and then step away without analyzing what you are feeling in order to fully experience it.

Every time you experience the energy connection, you are building your resources for positivity and health. However brief your initial experience, each connection strengthens your energy grid, making positive thought and action more accessible in daily life situations - Positive Thoughts are Positive Energy. And the more you intentionally raise your energy vibration, the more open the energy flow becomes. Finally, each time you respond from a place of high vibration, a place of compassion and mindful engagement, you reinforce your energy grid. It's a positive high vibration energy loop. And don't forget to give yourself credit! This is another way to build appreciation and love for yourself.

Try these practices to bring the flow of happiness and love into your life more consistently:
  • Connect to your energy grid with intention every day. Do you need a special place or time? No, but it will help you to be consistent if you do.
  • Start with a 5-minute energy practice daily and gradually build it up to 20-30 minutes. If this is new for you don't do more than 5 minutes to start in order to avoid burn-out. 
  • Feel the physical sensation of energy moving and flowing within. Don't push it. Allow.
  • When thoughts arise, step back and see them as thoughts. You can think them later. If it helps, notice your breathing in order to stay grounded.
  • Experience the connection to spirit, it's there waiting for you.
  • Don't give up on yourself. You are bigger than you know.

Wishing you a year filled with love, light, and peace!

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